Practical Information

Doctor on the phone/video chat

At The Afiya GP practice you will get a doctor on the line when you book a call back appointment. In many cases, we can answer your questions directly by telephone. If necessary, the conversation can be converted into a video conversation or you can book a video chat in advance.

This results in peace and space for the patient.
By using telephone and video chatting in an innovative way, there is more time for our consultations with the patients.

No waiting times

At The Afiya GP practice we only work by appointment. As a result, we have no waiting times and you will find an empty waiting room. There are also no long waiting times on the phone, because we will call you back at your desired time.

Peace and space for the patient

By using telephone and video chatting in an innovative way, there is more time for our consultations with the patients.


At The Afiya GP practice blood samples are taken, urine cultures, STD cultures and all kinds of other laboratory procedures are performed. We collaborate with the laboratories at the Flevo Ziekenhuis and with Dokter & Diagnostiek.

All laboratory procedures are performed before noon, you can contact the assistant to book an appointment. You must schedule an appointment in advance.

You can book a call-back appointment for results without waiting times. The assistant will then pass on the assessed results and the corresponding policy to you. If you have any questions for the doctor about your results, you can make a call back appointment with the doctor.

Repeat prescription

Via the option repeat prescriptions you can leave a voicemail with your name, date of birth, the names of the relevant medicine(s) and the name of the pharmacy where you want to collect your medicine. Our assistants will help you with repeating the medication if necessary.

Visit my for more options regarding repeat prescriptions.

NOTE: if you want to order repeat prescriptions via mijn, please contact the pharmacy by telephone or physically.

At home medication delivery

All patients registered with us can utilize the at home delivery service of the pharmacy Duyfken for their repeat prescription. Thereafter your medicines will be delivered to your home within 48 hours. You must be at home to receive your medication.


Survey patients

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