Non-registered patients are patients who are not registered with the GP at The Afiya GP practice but who visit the clinic occasionally with emergency complaints. These are often patients who live elsewhere but have a job, are on holidays or visit relatives in the area et cetera. Seperate rates apply for these patients, which must be paid in cash or via online banking. You will then receive an invoice to submit to your health insurer.

Passer-by rates 2021

Consultation passer-by shorter than 5 minutes

€ 15,46

Consultation passer-by from 5 to 20 minutes€ 30,91
Consultation passer-by 20 minutes or more€ 61,83
Visit at home passer-by shorter than 20 minutes€ 46,37
Visit at home passer-by 20 minutes or more€ 77,28

I would like to visit the clinic as a passer-by patient.


Survey patients

Passanten form

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